About Me

Hello there! My name is Jasmine Inthabounh. Welcome to my blog. This is where you can find all of my content that I have created during my studies at Drake University or on my free-time.

I find it so difficult to write this about me page because there is so much that makes me, me. I venture into many different hobbies that I evidently love to share with the world. I love creating different makeup looks, working out and spending time with my loved ones, the absolute most. From sharing my life on YouTube to doing live makeup tutorials on Instagram. On the other hand, you can find me sucked into my laptop screen designing or editing photos.

I started my YouTube channel at the age of 14 and found myself loving the process of creating content to share with an audience. In high school, newspaper and yearbook were my entire life and I found a passion in graphic design. I took my passions in communications to college with me at Drake University to study public relations, advertising and graphic design.

In result, I have given myself the title of a content creator and created a brand unique to myself and all of my platforms.

This is just the start. Come along, it’ll be a journey to get to where I’m going.