Binge-worthy Free Shows and Must Watch Movies


What else do you have going on? Let’s watch some Netflix. Hulu? Disney Plus? Amazon Prime? We got it all here. (Wow, that’s a lot subscriptions to have.)

These are some things I have been watching during quarantine whether I’m paying attention or it’s put in the background. I know you have time to watch all of these so they aren’t in any particular order.

1. All American. This show is definitely catered to a younger demographic but has interesting plot twists. It’s all about a high school football player, Spencer James that moves from Crenshaw to Beverly Hills, California. The story unfolds to show Spencer go through adversity and develop new relationships. There are two seasons on Netflix and I can’t wait for the third but by that time I’m watching the next things on my list.

2. Lucifer. You get the chills watching this one but it also comes with funny moments. The devil takes a literal vacation in Los Angeles. In the midst, he gets caught in helping a detective solve crimes while concealing his real identity.

3. Someone Great. This movie is a heart throb and shows really how love and heartbreak can really feel like. The way this movie is executed just gives all the good feels.

4. Just Go With It. My all time favorite movie. First of all, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. What more can you ask for? This is a romantic comedy that I personally can watch the love story unfold time and time again. Danny finds himself in a fake life to mask the truth of a wedding ring with his newest girlfriend. The fake life takes his fake ex-wife and kids to Hawaii.

5. Onward. This is such a cute movie and there is no other way to put it. Two brothers set out to spend a day with their father who passed away. That’s not possible…I know because the brother have a magic spell that allows them to have 24-hours with their dad but they run into major complications that set them out for a journey.

I know, this are so across the board of genres but as I watch more during quarantine, I will be sure to extend the list.

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