Amazon Finds During Quarantine


If you’ve read my post on the healthier habits I’ve gained here is an extension of that. I have been glued to online sites and I am not particularly proud of it. It is insane the amount of items you can find on Amazon, you didn’t know you needed; well wanted. Nonetheless, I have also seen so many YouTube videos of influencers sharing their favorite Amazon finds.

One of my favorite YouTubers, Alisha Marie has consistently shared her Amazon picks across her channel. My Amazon finds aren’t very out of the ordinary but it is interesting to see what others come across.

I almost bought everything in this video. Her recommendations are reasonable and make sense for her lifestyle.

I think what gets people is the Amazon Prime. The thought of a 2-day delivery still amazes me and makes me want to order something that much more. Personally, I love getting packages but I have the wait.

1. The first item I have to share it one of the most recent Amazon finds. I bought my first marble case from Amazon but it got dirty and was getting boring. I was case-less for awhile and then found this gem. I love the way it looks and feels. I have yet to see anyone else with it. 

2. The next item I use every single day since I bought it. This yoga mat is super inexpensive and dependable. It comes with a strap and in so many different colors. 

3. This item was a great find for me because I have terrible lighting in my room. This table top ring light is powered through a USB port and comes with a dimmer with different color settings. I love using it for doing my makeup, taking pictures or filming videos. 

Is it me or have people been on Amazon shopping sprees lately? I mean my co-worker even tells me everything she orders on Amazon and it’s interesting to see what everyone else finds. My parents also tell me to order anything and everything for them on there. This is just me thinking online again, let me know if you have an Amazon must-have picks.

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