It’s Back! How Tie Dye for the Trends in 2020


From the 60s to the year of 2020, tie dye has made it’s ultimate comeback into fashion. Fast fashion websites like PrettyLittleThing and BooHoo have flooded with tie dye items. Brands have also hopped onto the trend to sell sweatshirts for nearly $60. But why is tie dye so trendy again?

Tie dye made its comeback but it’s not the same as it was. There isn’t much spirals with crazy color combinations anymore. What’s chic and trendy as soft, pastel light one color tie dye sets.

I created monochromatic sets with mens t-shirts and biker shorts.
These sets are comfortable and make for a cute unique outfit.

The subtle look of these sets result from the “crinkle” technique that sounds like exactly what it is. Tie dye is completely unique to each piece of clothing so nothing ever comes out exactly the same. This technique has become popular because it allows for people to get creative in their wardrobe for the summertime without overdoing it.

STOP! If you’re thinking about purchasing a tie dye from a clothing store, think about how much you can save from making your own and evidently no one else will have it. Here are the supplies I used:

I also purchased rubber bands and squeeze bottles for easier and precise application. This was actually my first time doing tie dye on my own and I found it very simple to learn and execute.

I have found many different YouTube videos also that show how to create these sets. Most tie dye kits are overly priced or out of stock right now, I went ahead and bought the Rit fabric dye because there is such a large amount and I can customize darkness.

This is the original video I watched to learn the best tips on tie dying.

If you are stuck at home, I would 100% recommend doing tie dye. This is a fun easy project that ultimately turn out to be super cute.

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