Quaran-tivities that Turned into Habits


How many days did quarantine really last? I lost count. In Iowa, businesses have began welcoming back customers. It’s not back to normal by any means. I haven’t been back to my gym. When do I think I’ll go back? That’s a good question.

In the midst of all this madness, I have been gaining new healthy habits at home. In reality, of course I’ve been extra snack-y and rummaging through my pantry and finding myself staring at an empty potato chip bag. On the other hand, I have found myself consistently moving my body with my good workout. Home workouts allow for zero excuses. Social media become flooded with no equipment home workouts the second stay-at-home orders were issued.

I know it can be difficult to move away from the comfy couch but the way I hold myself accountable is through a workout program. I downloaded fitness and lifestyle influencer, Whitney Simmons’ work out app and have been following her four week at home program. When following a workout program, there is not guessing workouts or doing the wrong thing because she shows you how to do everything and any equipment if needed.

I am currently on the last week of the Alive Inside
The app has a 7-day free trial which is helpful in learning how the app work and if it is worth your personal investment.

Another way I keep myself accountable is to workout at the same time everyday. Quarantine has thrown us all out of a routine whether that was going to work or school. It is important in any lifestyle to maintain a routine. This also helped because my body became accustomed to the time and was ready to workout.

Another “quaran-tivity” that has turned into a habit for myself is cleaning and organization. Staying at home and being surrounded by clutter will drive you crazy, I have learned from person experience.

Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to unique ideas to organize anything. My room is pretty small which means my closet space is small… but I have a lot of clothes. So, if this was a math problem it would be left unsolved but we have managed.

It took me forever to finally take out my shoes from it’s boxes and onto a shoe shelf. This has saved so much space in my small room and there is no more clutter.
I am constantly referencing Pinterest for anyway to keep all my clothes without keeping the mess.

If you find yourself lost in a rut or bored in the house and your in the house bored, start making little changes in your daily routine. Small steps will make big differences. I always hear, “When do you think everything will go back to normal?” To me, this is our new normal and it is important to do things that keep you healthy mentally and physically.